Julia Both
International Artist

With a background in Design and illustration, Both creates elegant work inspired by biology, astronomy and dreams.

About Julia Both

Julia is a prolific creative from southern Brazil. Her work explores duality and the relationships between the macro and microcosmos, inspired by biology, astronomy and human relationships.

She was raised in a family of environmentalists, and moved to Australia to study design when she was very young. Since graduating in 2013, she moved to Melbourne to pursue her passion for art.

Master of
  • Plants, animals and people
  • Brush painting
  • Mural art
  • Watercolour

  • Background in Design and Illustration.
  • Runs Mayfield Palace, a creative partnership with artist Chuck Mayfield.


Júlia is inspired by her interests in biology, astronomy and human relationships. Her work draws from her travels around the world, her personal experiences and her thirst for learning.